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  • Pilning Surgery

Pilning Doctors Surgery

Project: Large Extension & Refurbishment of Doctors Surgery and Pharmacy
Client: Dr. Patterson
Contract Value: £490,000

The Challenge:

Helm were tasked with constructing a large extension to accommodate a new doctor’s surgery, refurbish part of the existing surgery and separate and refurbish an attached pharmacy. The surgery continued to operate and service patients and the project had to be mindful of this.


The Solution:

Helm managed to gain temporary ownership of an adjoining field which help facilitate welfare and material storage and allowed the surgery to enjoy the use of their existing car park. The demolition of an older structure that had asbestos and other contaminants within it was also part of the brief. Work to the existing surgery had to be initially limited to certain days/times of the week that allowed the surgery to service its patients effectively.


The Result:

The Surgery was delivered fully decorated and landscaped ahead of time and below budget. The surgery continued to operate effectively throughout the construction and patients were not inconvenienced 

I would recommend Helm because of my better than expected experience that I had on a project to extend my general practice premises. They have managed to produce a quality product in advance of the projected time and achieved completion economically, including variations from the original plan. Their ethos, attitude and culture of listening and actioning was acutely tuned to the client, Pilning Surgery. Their unfaltering ‘can do’ approach was very impressive

Dr Terry Paterson, Practice Partner