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Almost a year to repair a bridge?

Almost a year to repair a bridge?

Businesses are applauding moves to speed repair works on a viaduct over the Avon Ring Road at Bromley Heath.

Helm Construction welcomed news a further £2.8m of funding has been released following the inaugural meeting of the West of England Joint Committee - in order to speed repairs originally slated to last the best part of a year.

Helm Construction CEO Gary Sheppard said: “The additional cash will reduce traffic disruption on one of the key routes around Bristol from 50 weeks to just over 30.

“Scheduling almost a year for bridge repairs would have been unacceptable to businesses trying to move around the city, not to mention hundreds of thousands of commuters trying to get to work every day.

“We applaud the Joint Committee for recognising and prioritising the needs of working people.”

Work to repair the bridge over the Avon Ring Road at Bromley Heath requires a contraflow system from the Bromley Heath roundabout to the junction at Hambrook – a main route for firms like Helm with sites all around Bristol.

“Funds needed to be made available to ensure work is carried out around the clock to ensure the repairs are carried out as quickly as possible and keep the traffic disruption to an absolute minimum – especially as the city centre is at a virtual standstill through a perfect storm of roadworks.

“It was a wonder to us how modern engineers would require the best part of a year to complete repairs – when we know Julius Caesar built a 400m bridge over the Rhine in ten days using local lumber, hand tools and primitive winches!”