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Housing opportunities ‘hiding in plain sight’ across Bristol

Housing opportunities ‘hiding in plain sight’ across Bristol

Brownfield sites capable of delivering hundreds of homes for the community are ‘hiding in plain sight’ across Bristol.

And a great many of them are old filling stations.

Helm Construction say the newly-announced housing scheme creating 150 apartments on a vacant site next to the A4 Bath Road in South Bristol demonstrates what can be achieved on similar, vacant sites.

Construction Director Jon Ticehurst said: “This site has been sitting there since the old filling station closed down. Thousands of people have driven by it wondering when it would be brought back in to the public realm.

“It’s not the only Brownfield site along the A4 and there similar concentrations of old filling stations, derelict industrial or commercial sites and empty shops dotted along every other key route into the city capable of delivering hundreds more homes.

“We believe it is imperative these sites are developed in order to reduce demand on the shrinking green fields on the outskirts of Bristol.”

Jon Ticehurst said he had lost count of redundant filling station sites on the main commuter routes.

“Most of them appear to have been taken over by hand car wash teams. While these are a great help in keeping your car clean it would make far more sense to see these sites used for housing to benefit the whole community.”

Welcoming news of the development, Jon Ticehurst said: “Filling stations have been closing at an alarming rate – there used to be a petrol station in every neighbourhood and most large villages but the growth of the large supermarket chains offering cheaper fuel has pulled the plug on many of them.

“Although there may be contamination issues to overcome – as there are on many Brownfield Sites – they cannot be left to rot while there are so many Bristolians needing a home.”