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Rise in living wage one thing – but who will pay the bill?

Rise in living wage one thing – but who will pay the bill?

Helm Construction welcome the increase in the living wage to £7.50 from April next year - but Chief Executive Gary Sheppard said this will always find its way into output prices.

“Regarding the reduction in the rate at which benefits are withdrawn from people when they start work, Helm believe a gradual re-introduction back into work is beneficial -  particularly when people move from receiving benefits weekly or fortnightly and (in the main) employers typically pay monthly”. 

“New employees are often employed on a trial basis and this can cause problems if they prove unsuccessful.”

The Chancellor’s announcement of £740m for the development of 5G and the further rollout of fibre connections is definitely Good News. 

“Improvements in communications infrastructure affect all areas of business and not least so construction.  The increase in the Government’s commitment on new homes means that supporting infrastructure also has to be in place and ready to make those homes both practical and desirable.”

Gary continues to say the £2.3bn housing infrastructure fund to help provide 100,000 new homes in high-demand areas is a good idea – so long as it cascades down to the small and medium size developers.

Similarly, the Chancellor’s confirmation of funding for 40,000 new homes needs to get down to the small to medium size developers who are accelerating new home delivery on the ground.